Privacy Policy

This policy is applicable from January 1, 2019

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, EVERSPIN Inc.( hereinafter “the Company”) has the following policy to process and protect personal data to enhance the right and interest of users and to handle users’ complaints smoothly with regard to personal data.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The Company collects and processes personal data for the following purposes. Personal data collected and processed will not be used for any other purposes except for the following. In case of any change in the purpose of use, the Company will seek your prior consent of such change.

Customer Support: To be used as primary data for providing better consultations for product inquiries from customers.

Marketing Activities: To provide information on existing and newly released solutions, to offer event information and participation opportunities, and to offer marketing and informative materials (seminar schedules, newsletters, DM, EDM, etc.)

Categories of Personal Data

Personal Data collected on you may be processed by the Company in the categories and by the means described below.

Collection Categories

Information on your company: name and size, product preferences, and contact information, including but not limited to phone numbers and email addresses.

Information on you: name, title, department, product preferences, and contact information, including but not limited to your phone number and email address.

Collection Methods

Product inquiries, brochure downloads, subscription to our periodicals, any information entered on our website, subscription to our periodicals or publications, any information or questions entered on our website.