Top-tier Consulting Service by highly proficient hackers
STEP 01.

Authentic Cyberattacks
in Action

Black-box testing
just as real hacking

Our Deltaforce team hacks the client on demand with no given information, thus revealing vulnerabilities of the client the way actual hacking would, as opposed to using simulated data sets.

STEP 02.

Consulting for
Better Defense

Providing viable defense
methods in the current system

Provided are comprehensive and pragmatic measures against the vulnerabilities (discovered in Step 1) & potential threats.

STEP 03.

Staff Training

Enhancing defense capability via practical & systematic coaching

Security Training is optimized for different staff categories of the client company, including its security personnel, developers, product managers and top management.

  • As of May 28, 2019
Hackers of Deltaforce

We take pride in our hackers armed with unrivaled techniques and experience in the industry. We find all vulnerabilities that may pose threats in all manners through running actual attacks.Our mission is to go beyond simply finding the cause and to provide practical answers.

We do not rely on grandiose documentation or inflated words to speak for our capabilities.The Deltaforce consulting service distinguishes itself from those simply transcribing automated analysis on pedantic reports.

 How to hack & protect, check it out with the real hackers. 

Successful References


Security Consulting for

Financial Industry

Everspin’s finding vulnerabilities and providing practical measures helped SBI holdings, a global financial giant, gear up with the highest security level.

After a one-time consulting project with one of SBI's affiliates, Everspin has won an exclusive contract to provide yearly consulting services to the entire group companies of SBI holdings.


Security Consulting for

Global DNA Analysis Firm

Everspin has provided consulting services that cater to the needs of the Genomics Industry and training sessions customized to the personnel.

As a result, Everspin has signed an exclusive yearly security consulting contract with EDGC, a joint venture between DIAGNOMICS, the largest U.S. DNA analysis firm, and EONE.


Training Program for

National Intelligence Agency

Everspin has established a reputation for its rich experience in organizing international hacking competitions and in educating army, navy & air force’s security specialists.

Oman, an oil rich state with a per capita income of $25,000, has invited Everspin’s hacking instructors and launched its first-ever training courses to cultivate the country’s own hackers.

Organizer of Int'l Contests

Nurturing White Hat Hackers

Experienced in hosting and designing questions for CODEGATE, a contest where more than ten thousand hackers, including the genius Geohot, participate every year.

Other Contests

- HDCON by Korea Internet & Security Agency
- WhiteHat Contest by Ministry of National Defense
- Cyber Guardians League by Ministry of Science and ICT
- Information Security Contest
 (Institute of Information Security Education for the Gifted)
- Cybersecurity Contest in the Public Sector
  (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)